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  • 5 March 2019
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Honestly, all in all, I think Soundcloud is a force for good in the music industry, unlike some competitors. My definition of good, is anything that empowers the individual independent musicians to make their content more accessible to the public. Yes I am very much a purist if you got that sense, I think music is a benevolent and magical concept that I hinge my entire life's meaning on. With that said, I think Soundcloud would benefit from an ad serving platform. It would be the best host for such, in regards to giving any individual musician the chance to boost their audience, as far as they may afford. I know there are many more concerns with having an ad platform then I could even acknowledge if I started listing them now and had til Christmas. But I think that juice would be worth the squeeze, and it would be a force for ethical emboldening as opposed to the counter of such. Even if you restricted the ad destinations to strictly stay on site, on Soundcloud, I personally would still be thrilled to use it. You have the market share and sheer user base to justify doing so. Right now, the only good solution for an independent musician to pay for digital advertising, that is accessible for managing the content, and direct to user based ad goals and funnel structure, is literally Google adwords and Youtube. Spotify requires content to be published and a minimim deposit which pulls favor to the big operations, and has very little functionality, even less than reddits ad platform. Facebook continues to not be an audio content friendly host, and most other sites are simply too small to offer reasonable advertiser requirements, ad serving functionality, or even reasonably priced ad inventory. I know I'm putting a lot of business talk into this, its only due to being a media buyer in my day job, and knowing all this from experiences, although I dont market music at all. Im making this plea as an independent musician, who is starving for an affluent friendly option for getting the most out of my meager ad budgeting and is stuck with less than ideal solutions. Soundcloud could revolution this corner of that industry for independent musicians, as it already has a penchant for doing, just by its very nature. Please consider something to that end, that is all I'm suggesting.

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