• 20 December 2018
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Fuck, I love my likes. I love the music I follow. But!, sometimes i find myself having to UN follow people. And risk the chance of not keeping up with their new music. Only because when i go to my stream and listen to what the people i am following repost sometimes its too much.
Like I feel their music, just not the music they are reposting. I found and came across so much good music sense i've had my soundcloud. I really think it would be AWESOME if soundcloud included the option somewhere on the drop downs on the people you follow and it say something ike "hide repost" or "block repost" . that way I can still keep up with their actual "new tracks" when they post them up. but not see their music they are re posting by choice. . . some people just re post too much and i dont have all day to just keep scrolling down the stream.
again. I come across so much good music through others re-postings just wished there was that option. I'd rather go based off the people the i'm already following repost. then digging through a genera at a time. THANKS!!!
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3 replies

Good idea.

I think they could also ad a feature that you could say how many repost you like to see.
And that there won't be displayed more than one repost for each unique track.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. I don't have any information about SoundCloud implementing this officially, however there might be solutions online by 3rd party developers that might do for a good workaround.
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Hey SoundColud! Someone has been suggesting we should be able to filter out reposts or have some way to easily see only the tracks the people we follow have uploaded. Looks like this is something people KEEP ON ASKING FOR doesn’t it. This particular suggestion was originally posted 10 months ago and unfortunately the suggestion of a plugin that strips reposts being a suitable fix is no good (even if the plugin worked as advertised) because if someone reposts a new upload then it would get removed by the plugin too.