"perfecting your music" on soundcloud

why is it that i get messages to "perfect my music" by using soundclouds "private" feature so i can share with people fine tune and "perfect my music." i guess im too old school in my head but to me the coolest thing about soundcloud is getting to hear RAW MUSIC. with my own stuff i put it out rough first. so everyone can hear it. i get feedback from people on the posts i share it to on other social networks. and use that input to either change the music or possibly tweak it a little but i never let the opinions of others change the music to someone else's idea of "perfected."
with this site musicians have something they never really had before: a place to try out new things. it opens the door to a greater connection with our fans and those who like music in general. it allows them to have a backseat in the creation process like never before and it seems to me like keeping music private until it's "perfected" is just wrong.
back in the days of early rock and roll we had executives who didn't know what people wanted to hear and they admitted it by putting EVERYTHING OUT THERE and letting the people decide what the perfect tune of the day was. then they started highering "scouts" and "consultants" who told them "we know what the kids want to hear" and they have been producing crap ever since. BUT with SOUNDCLOUD you are in control of your music. you are in control of when people hear it and when they don't and you don't need some record label telling you what you can and can not put out to the world.
so im wondering if it wouldn't be better to just put it out there and let the people decide if they like it? why does it need to be perfect? some of the greatest musicians in the WORLD have mistakes in their recordings. just look at ANY hendrix transcription to tab they are LITTERED with "accidentals" because music isn't perfect it's sometimes sloppy and rough. maybe if we stopped being so worried about what others think and just make the music we want to make we'd find that we had a much better selection of music to listen to and we might even find that there is so much more musical talent out there than we originally thought. so im curious what others think about this and why some folks feel the need to "perfect" before putting it out there.

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Who is sending these messages? I've never had one in over 5 years on SoundCloud ... but maybe they think my music is too bad to even try?!?!?!
lmao im sure it not that. i don't know who sends them but maybe i get them because i put my stuff out all rough when i first record it so that people can hear it in it's rawest form and give feedback. that way i can work out whether or not i agree with them and go from there so maybe you don't get them because your stuff is "more perfected" than mine is. 😃 just trying to look on the positive side of it for you 😃
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They are official SoundCloud email about sharing private links. I think they could have a better heading as "perfect your tracks" sounds like it's going to be a some kind of mixing and mastering service.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback around this email here on the Community. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and I've passed on the thread to the relevant team for review. The idea is to encourage people to always keep uploading, and not letting feeling a track is incomplete stop them.

If you're happy to upload publicly your work in progress - that's great and just as encouraged of course 🙂 (seeing, well hearing actually, the progress is of a song is something that I've always found to be super interesting, personally, too)