"Pin points" / "Fast Forward to"

  • 19 April 2018
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I just thought of something which might be a very useful feature.
For an example:
A mix that I've liked and there are a few specific songs/mashups in that mix what I want to listen to. I now have to fast forward the mix and search for them. Wouldn't it be cool if I could add some kind of "pin points" to the mix while first listening to it, so afterwards I could just fast forward to my favourite pieces of the mix with a single click/touch without searching for them?

Now some of you might ask why don't I just shazam the songs and listen to them separately?
The answer to that would be that some of the mashups/remixes/shows are not released elsewhere.

I know I could download the mix, and cut out the parts I like, but that one button would save me all this time.

I hope you understand :)

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