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  • 27 October 2017
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In any platform, I would find a playback speed option very useful. I typically listen to audiobooks at between 1.5x and 2x speeds. I'd also like to play SoundCloud podcasts at faster speeds. Many people can read faster than they can speak, so we can comprehend language faster. I don't like the information I hear to be impeded by the limits of human speech speeds.

22 replies

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+1 this is a must
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+1 this would be so incredibly helpful for podcasting!
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Definitely a much needed and missing feature on SoundCloud.
Guys can you add it please?
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Userlevel 1 is marked "solved" yet I don't see any such controls on SoundCloud. Weird.
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We all need that!
Please SoundCloud!
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Yes please!!!!! Variable control up to 3 times please.
I am being tortured.
There are a lot of ways that this can be accomplished. I was hoping that a plugin like Video Speed Controller (which works on HTML5 video and some audio)would work on Soundcloud; it doesn't. Perhaps instead of modifying the standard UI, some sort of plugin could add features including playback-speed control.

In any event, if Soundcloud wants to be a premier platform for podcasts, failure to offer playback speed control will not be optional: This is a feature that is available in Audible, OverDrive, Smart Audio Book Player (Android), and BeyondPod (Android), YouTube, TED, etc. Failure to include it on SoundCloud puts it in a category below these other services and will limit its adoption for podcast aficionados. I.e., if SoundCloud does not include this feature, it isn't as good as the aforementioned services.

For those who want to listen to podcasts that content creators put on SoundCloud, I suggest contacting the content creators directly (i.e. not SoundCloud) to request they provide options for media services that offer speed control. If content creators understand that this is an essential feature for content distributors, e.g. SoundCloud, YouTube, to include, it is more likely that that will precipitate change in playback delivery/control.
This is the only service I know of that doesn’t offer playback speeds. Seems like a nice platform but I honestly won’t be able to use it until you include playback speed options.
Same story guys. I DONT LISTEN ANY podcasts on SC since there is no speed control. They will not fix it, so what you can do 1) ask author to add Download button for podcast 2) if he cant, ask him to duplicate the content to Youtube( and usually they do it anyway so sometimes you just search it there by the name)
This would be useful for slowing down songs too for analyzing nightcore.
+1 VERY useful feature!!11
Can anyone suggest a music app like SoundCloud which provides playback speed option for Android.
On YouTube I listen to media at about 3X to 3.5 X using plugin.
This might help for apple users
I hope so
Dear we desperately need to play audio at playback speed faster than 1x. Like 1.5x, 1.75x and 2x since long time
Me too. +1 for speed button. 🙂

Can’t believe SoundCloud doesn’t take any action for lacking this super basic feature.

This maybe why I don’t like sound cloud at all.

Can't believe it is not on SoundCloud.