Possible improvements for the app (iPhone)

  • 5 July 2018
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Hi, I have recently purchased an IPhone and I have noticed a few areas for improvement for the App. Even though the android app wasn’t as good as the desktop version of soundcoud I feel like it is still a lot better.

firstly, I can’t find out any information about the songs that are being posted such as the date/ track list/ description. Which is impratant for posts which include a variation of songs.

Another thing is is a lot of the songs load very slowly. I have around 1.5k likes and I understand this may have an effect on the loading speed however this was never the case with my android? albeit it isn’t a huge problem at all, perhaps it could be improved?

not being able to comment on songs isn’t such a problem to me but one of the biggest things I love about soundcloud is that it is a community for sharing music but showing appreciation for the songs being posted is far more difficult seeing as you cannnot comment on them.

lastly, my biggest frustration is the difficulty of organising my playlists. It does not show whether or not I’ve already added a song into a playlist and it would be great if i could see what songs I haven’t actually put into one yet. Due to having a high amount of liked tracks, having playlists makes it far more easier to find songs. If this could be improved I would be very grateful.

i don’t want to sound like I’m just listing problems because I do really like the app but these are just a few improvements that I feel could potentially make the app a lot better (-: thank you.

1 reply

Hey - thanks very much. Since you listed it as your biggest frustration (a phrase which will always make any UX researcher listen up), how big/how many songs are in the playlists we're talking about here?