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  • 18 December 2018
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Hi guys n girls!
I write you here for tell you if it is possible to pre-save an album/single in SoundCloud. I already do it (jus tellin the people to save the list, when it comes out, all songs appear).
I do it like that but, is there any other form?
If it isn't, I'd be faboulous.
😘thank u (not next haha)

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2 replies

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Kind of connected to this - one should also be able to create an album from tracks you've already uploaded.
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Hi there,

Hmmm, I believe you mean some sort of "pre-order" functionality, such as the one DistroKid offers for Spotify users for instance. SoundCloud currently doesn't have such feature.

@I Hate Hate - you can. Just choose a track to start with, add to playlist (but then choose to create a new playlist). Afterwards, you can go to your playlist, hit the edit button for the playlist and chance it to be an Album or EP rather than being listed in the Playlists section. I understand this process is not super intuitive, but you should be able to get to your album this way. 🙂