• 25 February 2018
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Dear SoundCloud.

Thank you for being a good resource among underground musicians in past few years. I personally uploaded my first track back in 2012 and since then I chose SoundCloud as my primary source to connect with fans while I could discover amazing talents among the community. For me things went very good at the beginning. I started to recognized by people more mostly because of your previous functionality called "Group". The concept of group was amazing, as a classic hip hop producer, I could share my tracks to groups related to my sub genre so people can find my music better while I could find other produces or rappers with similar taste so we could collaborate with each other. Since SoundCloud signed contracts with major labels and distributers to bring mainstream to the platform, for some unknown reasons SoundCloud removed Group functionality. Since then I can see a major drop from my audience in my uploaded tracks. My new music and mixtapes barely played more than 10 times among community while my music from four years ago had more than 3000 plays. Before Group removed I usually had at least 1 (real) subscriber per day meanwhile now I have some subscriber every month(mostly they are bots and just for advertisements). I know that signing with major companies had great profit for SoundCloud and I am happy that SoundCloud is stronger than before, however, As a musician who produces unpopular music just to share it to its audience, It's really hard for me to connect with true fans. I am disappointed just like many others. We missed Group. Based on my past few observation, I found out that I have a better chance to grow my community in other platform more than SoundCloud. I am sorry to say that, but I will not put my focus on SoundCloud anymore until this Group feature or something similar to that comes back again. I have only 400 subscribers and it is definitely not massive compare to many other users in SoundCloud but If more people like me leave your platform, that would be not profitable for you. After all, COMMUNITY IS EVERYTHING FOR A PLATFORM.

Take Care SoundCloud

Arash (BMosbat) Izadi

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