Recover waveform of a removed track

  • 24 August 2019
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Say you wanted to remake a track that was removed, say you had the instrumental to the track.

What if you could recover the waveform, compare the instrumental, and see if the removed track used an instrumental with either a similar waveform, or you could see if you have the correct instrumental for the removed track when making a remake/remix.

Here's two good reasons I am asking this:
  • You could make a remix or a soundalike to the removed track based on the waveform or just try to find the correct Instrumental based on the removed tracks waveform.
  • You can possibly identify length by the removed tracks waveform.
A little side-note:
  • This would also be fetched with track id for a little more security.
If this is already possible, or if this could be added in the future, that'd be amazing.

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