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  • 12 April 2018
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Hello Soundcloud,

it`s been one year now since you changed the function of the repost, allowing people to only repost a track once, which is super annoying. I`ve been chatting about this with one of your Moderators called Mathis ( Hey Mathis if you read this - hello it`s me again) He told me that you where working on new solutions on how people will be able to rearrange their pages, after this is no longer possible due to the disfunction of the repost. Yeah what can i say, one year has passed by and i don`t see new solution.
What I see is you lower the quality of the sound to 128kBit, I see advertisements eventhough you get 99€ per year from me and i will only get rid of the advertisements when i upgrade to sc go... all of this is really not nice, but it would be acceptable if you could foucus on the needs of your pro account user just a tiny bit. Please reactivate the repost function as it was 1 year ago, or at least give us a new tool to rearrange pages.

Thanks for your time, i hope you will answer me

2 replies

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Hi So'ham,

I'm still around 🙂 You actually shouldn't hear a lot of ads with your current subscription, and the sound quality has also not been reduced. It's always been at 128kbps for the purpose of streaming, and when you as the uploader allow for your track to be downloaded, others could download the exact same file that you've uploaded.

The reposting feature has not been changed, and I'm not sure what exactly I've written back then, however rearranging tracks on your profile is not something that is controlled via the repost function per se. We offer the Spotlight feature for you to highlight up to 5 tracks on the top of your public profile, and playlists allow you to collect a number of songs in one collection, and rearrange these tracks at your own convenience. Does this make sense?

All the best