Reposts chain spam, and reposts in general are ruining my SoundCloud feed. There needs to be a way to be control reposts. I cannot stream original tracks from people I follow, which is why I dont casually browse Soundcloud anymore.

  • 15 December 2018
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Once upon a time I would login to soundcloud and see all the songs from people I follow. I no longer can listen like this anymore due to reposts. The only way I can find new music from people i follow is by manually clicking their profiles.

The underlying problem: Smaller artists started doing repost chains where everybody comes together and ties their account to a bot which will automatically repost all songs within a collective. This results in accounts constantly spamming the feed. This has become such the normal that EVERYBODY that is trying to make a name for themselves is doing it. If i were to unfollow ever body that does this i would be effectively deleting the whole underground community from my feed (which is the best selling points of why i come here). In between every song posting is now hundreds or thousands of reposts. Because this is the new norm the only way to get plays or have your new music be heard is to jump on this ridiculous bandwagon. The problem is this bandwagon works well for artists, so if you dont jump on this bandwagon and try to be an elitst with all organic plays (like i do) your new music gets s#%t plays and is drowned out by reposts.

The proposed fix: Limit all accounts to X reposts per day. Have a button to temporarily mute reposts from your feed. That way the people can choose how to browse soundcloud. If i could mute reposts i would listen to my feed all day every day until it was exhausted of ORIGINAL tracks from artists i follow.

Edit: Typo on post name, dont think i can fix it.

1 reply

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Hey SoundColud! Someone else complaining that reposts make it difficult to see the tracks the people we follow have uploaded. This particular suggestion was originally posted 10 months ago.