Reposts have fundamentally broken the stream. Please give us the ability to block them.

  • 5 December 2019
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I used to be part of a thriving Sound Cloud community and one by one all of us have stopped using it because the best and most important feature of SoundCloud, (The Music Stream) has become COMPLETELY USELESS.  Let me say that again in case the developers don’t understand just how bad the repost feature gets abused.   MY FEED IS USELESS.  I have to play over 100 tracks to find a single piece of music that I actually like let alone one that was actually produced by an artist that I follow.  If I activate a third party app to fix the problem, it continuously hides reposts for minutes before finding a single original track because the feed is entirely reposts.


I loved Soundcloud so much and discovered so much great music through my feed and am so sad to see that this is still not resolved.  I haven't been a serious user since 2015 but I will still come back and check periodically to see if this gets fixed.  Please listen to your community SoundCloud-your platform is fundamentally broken and you have lost so many users because of it.  

2 replies

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Recommended to the developers, uncluttering the stream from reposts would greatly advance the original atractiveness of soundcloud = finding new recent original music and its makers, whereby fostering fruitful communication.

Limiting reposts to 1 or mayb e 3 at a time in the feed could be useful. But filtering them frm the stream would even be better.


Hoping this is on the board for development

hey torin

i have a similar issue with my stream. don’t know if it would help you, but here’s my idea:

hey soundcloud

not sure how to put this, but here goes:

some of the people i follow constantly flood my stream with posts and reposts, making it difficult to scroll back for, say, a week and effectively drowning out those artists who only post once in a while…

this way, a lot of new tracks go completely unnoticed.

so, the idea is quite simple: a plain text list of the people one follows, sorted by recent activity.

whaddaya say?