Reposts reposts reposts - please make it stop

  • 30 July 2019
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I've had enough.

Reposts. Reposts. Reposts. Reposts.
Reposts. Reposts. Reposts.
Reposts. Reposts.

I can't cope with my stream anymore. It has become a depressing and stressful ordeal scrolling down and down and down and down looking for the tracks the people I actually follow have made themselves and uploaded to their own pages.

What would be nice would be to have a way to just get a list of recent uploads.

Something like the stream, but containing new uploads only from the people I follow and with no reposts.

You could call it something like:

The Upload, But From People You Care About: Newly posted tracks you might actually want to listen to because they were uploaded by people you decided to follow already.

That's probably an overly long title, but I'm sure the people at SoundCloud could think of something snappier.

Also, NO, an option (or browser plugin) that just strips/skips reposts from the existing stream doesn't fix this problem because if someone I follow posts a new track and then someone else I follow reposts that track (often happens) then it appears in my stream as a repost – so if reposts are stripped from the existing stream then I won't see that new track.

Also, YES, I do understand that reposts are a way for people to promote their tracks, and, YES, I do understand that reposts are also a great way to discover new music.

When I want to discover new music I am interested in reposts.

When I just want to hear new tracks that the people I follow have uploaded then I am NOT interested in reposts.

It would be nice to be given the choice.

4 replies

I am glad to know I am not the only one that finds the feed to cause anxiety. It's right fucked. Having notifications broke doesn't help any either. Two months ago I brought up the same issue...and we wait.
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We wait.

I don't give up easily though.
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Something like this perhaps:

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As I said - I don’t give up easily.