Requesting option to actually disable the Continous play feature

  • 24 October 2017
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Dear SoundCloud team,

since the Continous play feature continues to be just annoying to some users, don't you think you should at least give your paying customers the option to completely shut it off for good somewhere in the user settings to only listen to something when a Play button has been pressed intentionally?

Don't get me wrong: it completely makes sense to play the next track in line automatically when playing something from a user's profile. It doesn't make sense to force a user to listen to a similar track after listening so something from its individual song page. It's such a negative listening experience since it's completely unwanted by some users, like me, so this is the second time I'm bringing this up now.

I know it can be turned off, even with a big red switch - but this switch's state doesn't seem to be saved to the user session and whenever the current page I'm on is reloaded in the browser, it's switched to "On" again. Why?

Best regards,

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