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  • 1 September 2017
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There's a recurring issue with SoundCloud where tracks disappear from your playlists. This can be due to a multitude of reasons, i.e. the uploader deleted the track, made it private or copyright infringement.

This in itself is not a huge issue, and cannot be solved anyway, it must function like that.

But! SoundCloud removes the track completely from your playlist without informing you in any way. Meaning you have no idea what tracks are disappearing, and thefore you have no possibility of looking for them again.

Spotify has an option called "Show unavailable songs in playlists" which will show you "ghost" tracks containing the metadata needed to identify the track, but not the audio data to listen to it. That's exactly what is needed for SoundCloud.

I'm putting a lot of effort into finding music here and building my library. These occurrences where I realize a track I really liked is missing are horrible. Many times I can't remember the artist or track name, and spend a lot of time searching in the dark for it, never to find it. It's the worst feeling.

What's worse is, for every time I've realized a track was gone, there are probably 10 tracks missing that I never even realized. That's not ok! This ruins the integrity of your playlists and forces me to use other means of collecting music. Fix this please.

15 replies

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I agree that there should be a way to identify deleted tracks.

One of my favorite tracks suddenly disappeared from my playlist and unfortunately, I cannot remember the name, so I am now unable to find that song. I know there is a track missing from my playlist because after listening to my playlist dozens of times, I can tell if something is out of place. I can tell that there is a certain song that should be played between song A and song C, but there is no way of finding that song again because Soundcloud lacks an option to show the user that song B was supposed to be there.

Youtube has that option. If a video was deleted or removed, a blank video titled "[Deleted video]" or "[Private video]" appears in its place. I'd like it if Soundcloud implemented something similar to let the user know that there is a missing track. I'm certain that a few other tracks were removed from my playlists, but the only way of knowing that they are missing is through my memory. Otherwise, it is impossible to recover that information. It's very disheartening to know that a favorite track of mine has vanished and that there is no way for me to listen to that song again, unless I suddenly remember the track's name or the artist.

I would really appreciate it if Soundcloud implemented a feature to allow the users to know if a track has been removed from their playlists. I'm certain that the people at Soundcloud are more than capable of adding such a feature. This feature does not even have to recover the thousands of tracks that have already vanished from the playlists of millions of Soundcloud users. It's the future tracks that I am concerned about. I fear that more of my favorite songs will disappear someday. Before that happens, I wish Soundcloud implements that new feature so I would at least know which songs were removed.
I had the same issue. At least, 2 tracks that I liked the most have disappeared with no clue from my playlist. And my favourite one, a song that I don't remember even how I could find it, cause it was a track with no name, it's now imposible for me to find me. I've tried many things, even sing or play it on Sound Hound, trying to find it, but wasn't successful.
Songs still continue to disappear from my playlists. I only add songs that I like to my playlists, and for these songs that I like to disappear with no way for me to identify them is extremely f***ing frustrating. Spotify developers seem to not have their heads so far up their asses, so they give users the option to have removed songs remain as ghosts (with the name of the song) in their correct spots in the playlist. The only reason I don't switch to Spotify is because their song library is pitifully small. YouTube Red, however, has much of the same features as Soundcloud, and has an even larger library of songs. The rate that songs disappear from YouTube is also much lower, and removed tracks will have a "removed video" placeholder in the playlist. If Soundcloud doesn't fix this issue of songs disappearing without notice soon, I might just sacrifice sound quality and pay for YouTube Red because I hate having to constantly search for my lost music and worry about the integrity of my playlists.
I have no faith that this will get implemented without further steps taken, so I have taken those few steps (and possibly a bit more than necessary, but this is an important issue to me), and have created a petition, come sign it by clicking HERE
my favorite song got deleted, but the bad part is it's nowhere else on the internet. if anyone finds a song called 17 curves lmk which platform or where in the world to go to get it.
I really hope soundcloud implements a system like the one described in the first comment. The one spotify apperantly already has, because not only do I not remember the name or artist, my song isnt even in English, and was a remix, making it infinitely harder to track down. If I could at least see the name I'd have a starting point. It's super frustrating cause i cant even just type in lyrics to help me out.
1 year passed and still they can't fix THIS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!
They don't even bother trying to do it.
This is so fucking stupid. I might delete my account and choose something better than this.
fuck.....this post was 1 year ago. just had this happen to me, but dont know when this song i liked disappeared. thought they remained in the playlist.... now its fully gone jeeezus. i only know the lyrics to the chorus....but google cant find it. oh fucking well.
Is it such a big problem to continue showing only the title of an unavailable track in the playlist? I have 440 likes on the counter in my favorites, but there are only 400 tracks left, others just disappeared without any evidence. What's the point of keep liking tracks on this site? This is so disgusting that Soundcloud abuses with users' resources in this way.

And even worse, the administration doesn’t respond to all these requests at all, they just don’t care.
I am a paying customer and have lost hundreds and hundreds of "liked" tracks on carefully curated playlists, and in some playlists they are down to 20 tracks, when once there were over 100 songs. I have been meticulously placing liked tracks in my playlists since 2008. It's so sad.

Just a simple notification or email would suffice, saying "Hey, this track is now removed from your playlist", and give the Name and Track title. Sounds like a simple enough algorithm. Any word on this fix soundcloud techs?
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My gosh people have been complaining about this feature for awhile, can't SoundCloud do something about it? If not, have any other users found an alternate solution to this problem?
@Mathis you seem like a pretty active mod. Any updates to this question? From tracking down other threads, it seems like a good portion of users are aware of this occurring on the site, and it would be cool to see some implementation!

Personally, I get a little sad when all these songs and mixes that I compiled between 2007 and 2016 (before the copyright issues with Sony, TW, etc..... ) play on my downloaded tracks list; I don't get to hear them anymore when I shuffle my Soundcloud likes, so it would be nice to know exactly whats missing so I can try to track it down elsewhere

I just had an important song of mine that WAS ORIGINAL DELETED, and the DAW session was accidently deleted almost a decade ago. This is a serious issue as I had entrusted SoundCloud with this song and now it’s gone forever and have no backup of it...I’m sincerely heartbroken and devastated as this song meant the world to me, it is one of the first productions I have ever made so what the hell do I do now SoundCloud?.

I agree with you 120%! I'd listen to SoundCloud when I'm on the train or travelling in general and I had couple of fluffy tracks that brought me joy so I saved them to a playlist. One day I was feeling nastolgic after a year or 2 of not hearing it, then all of a sudden it's not there. I remembered the order so well that I rechecked it's location to see it gone! I was confused and conflicted that I was never told or warned! I tried searching the internet but I couldn't remember the artist so all I have left is the melody played in my head with a title. I Really wish for them to revive the songs that were taken from us. Sometimes it's hard to let it go because it bought feeling to our day. I really hope they revive songs from the past year