Some serious inquiry that could bring back soundcloud as good as he was many years ago

  • 29 November 2018
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So let's begin here.

First im typing this message in the hope that someone of the soundcloud staff will see this.
Its been a few years that i use soundcloud now, and at the beginning i was spending easily 1 hour per day on this application.
Now, i only spend like 15 minutes, sometimes, just because i know ppl that upload frequently and im not anymore curious about my stream. And i'd really love to get the hype to discover some dope new songs now, but all the stream is covered by repost business, and i honestly can't stand this anymore.
But the problem is that i follow a lot of artists, and they do repost trading, but i like their songs.
You get the point?

My idea is to install a function that would allow you to change the songs you'll see on your stream.
Let me explain deeply :

It would allow you to choose if you want to have the reposts of an artist that you're following on your stream or not. If no, you'd only have her/his new songs that would appear on your stream.

For me, it is the solution to this big problem that pollutes my stream. At the moment, if my friends don't send me the links of their new songs, i don't notice them because i stopped watching my stream because of this.

I hope that my request will be answered..

Have a nice day,

2 replies

Great idea, there are more people with this idea so maybe they do something with
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Hi luxxius,

Thanks for your input. Whereas I can only pass this on to our product teams, there might be options by 3rd party developers to achieve something similar.