Sort tracks by number of likes or number of reposts

  • 4 May 2017
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I cannot see a direct way on a channel page like here to sort the tracks based on number of likes or based on number of reposts. If there is please let me know otherwise this feature would be really cool to have.

6 replies

I would also really love to be able to sort by likes, reposts, date, and such. If this could be added that would be great! 🙂
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sort artist's tracks and your own stream/feed likes and reposts by popularity/likes/reposts/comments.
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Hi, I've moved this to the Ideas for SoundCloud subforum. Sorting or filtering tracks on an artist's profile is currently not something SoundCloud offers.
There is an add-on for Chrome which does the trick.
There is an add-on for Chrome which does the trick.

I installed it, but it doesn't change any of the GUI, adds no filter etc. So I've now removed it from chrome again.
Many users have been asking for something like this for years, in the current thread and the following (that I have found):

I am posting similar replies in all the above threads.

May I suggest that anyone who still wants this feature submits a request to SoundCloud by email via this link?

I have just done so. This is what I wrote (the limit is 1,000 characters):

I would like an enhancement to sort search results.

Typical usage:
A user searches for music with a specific tag, like this:

The results are sorted in order of Popularity (presumably number of listens).
There is no way to change this sort order.
Furthermore, I understand, some tracks that meet the search criteria are excluded from the results because they are deemed not to be popular enough.

1) It should be possible for the user to sort the search results, at least by date and perhaps by other criteria.
2) Tracks or playlists should not be excluded from search results on grounds of 'unpopularity'.


For me, the most useful order would be posting date (most recent first). That way, I can monitor new tracks that conform to the search criteria.

As users will tend to listen to tracks at the top of the results list first, the order of results sorted by Popularity is likely to be self-perpetuating.