Souncloud feature suggestions that are overdue

  • 26 February 2018
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I have seen many topics on here complaining about features that have not been implemented or need to be fixed and I consistently see Mathis the moderator replying saying to send suggestions via email. Most of these topics were made over 2 years ago yet no changes have been implemented. I am going to list all of my suggestions for soundcloud and I would be very appreciative if even one of these was fulfilled.

1. Increase the limit of 500 songs in a playlist (10,000 max on spotify)
2. Add a collaborative playlists feature (spotify has had collab playlists since 2008) or be able to copy another user playlist so that you are able to edit it
3. Editable profile through mobile app
4. Add commenting on tracks through mobile app
5. Allow track uploading from mobile
6. Add track notifications to mobile app
7. Add the Next Up and Repeat features to the mobile app
8. Add Direct Messaging on mobile app
9. Fix the Shuffle feature on desktop version (it is not very effective)

If soundcloud as a business would like to be able to compete against spotify, apple music, etc. your team needs to step it up and be able to create an effective website/app for the users.

3 replies

Totally agree...except for about it competing with Spotify and Apple Music. (In my opinion) The appeal of SoundCloud is that it has many, many new, small, and growing (underground) artists on it. As someone who is a big fan of going through and discovering their own music, other platforms just do not give the same range as SoundCloud does.. I think they have made a mistake in trying to market it toward these big artists recently. We don't need anymore Spotifys and Apple Musics.
The shuffle feature should be #1 priority as I have seen and have complained myself forever about the browser version only shuffling recent songs. The app needs to be completely redone in my opinion as it is the slowest and most crash-heavy app I have used and no updates seem to be able to fix that.. they really need some new people to work on it.
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Hi there,

Thanks for the ideas. I've moved the topic to the ideas-subforum and will be sure to pass on your feedback to the relevant team.

User 496704311 I Particularly Agree 👍 With You 💯 100% On Suggestion 3). Editable Profile Through The Mobile 📱 App, Suggestion 4). Add Commenting On Tracks Through The Mobile 📱 App, Suggestion 5). Allow Track Uploading Through Mobiles 📱, Suggestion 6). Add Track Notifications To The Mobile 📱 App, Suggestion 7). Add The Next Up ☝️ & Repeat Features On The Mobile 📱 App & Suggestion 😎. Add Direct Messaging On The Mobile 📱 App!!., & Then It Can Begin To Compete With The Other (Live) Streaming Mobile 📱 App's!!.