Soundcloud could benefit from a more User Friendly Update?

  • 29 November 2018
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I have returned to Soundcloud for the first time in several months. Not much has changed and the experience I have on here gets so unbearable by the minute. I do not have a Premier Membership and I understand very well how artists should be compensated for their work, but if I can't listen to at least 10 songs without the same ad interrupting the middle of my song, I'm done with the app and site for awhile and it deters me from even wanting to get a Premier membership. I enjoy making playlists. Spotify makes that easy, Soundcloud makes it difficult. I'm referring to the Desktop option here about editing playlists.

For the Soundcloud team, an Idea that I believe would be best implemented to improve user experience, is to make the "edit" option be able to easily add/remove songs. In addition to being able to edit the name and the information and picture of your playlists, I think it makes sense to go with the universal option of having to "edit" what goes in and out of playlists we make instead of having to go an extra step(s) to go directly to the song and click the "add to playlist" option.

If anyone else has something to add to what would make Soundcloud a better platform to improve their user experience, please add. Many artists have moved their work to Spotify because it is well accommodating to its users as well as artists. Something I appreciate about Soundcloud is the authenticity and uniqueness of artists that I don't hear on Spotify. I enjoy the variety of visiting different platforms to accumulate music from. I like Soundcloud, but I feel that it's missing a lot of valuable simple changes that would make me want to come back and use it.

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