soundcloud disappear followers

  • 26 December 2017
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Hello community. I hope I will hear and the management of the company. I myself am a Pro user account. I understand that for the money they are they do not want to promote my music. I don't use a paid cheat, so I have very few hits. Respectively and followers is very small. But even when I just post their tracks, no one listens, and just make a fake likes and fake followers. I think this is unacceptable especially for the money. I just came in from another computer to your account and saw I have slitely 12 followers. I counted and not the number which shows on the website. In General a complete mess. I type in the search his nick and he is somewhere in the middle, the more that person with the same name on the website no. Plus with my account I have listed more tracks than you see ordinary people. In General, it is unacceptable for the money. From subscription unsubscribed unfortunately.

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