Soundcloud GO+ - multiple Devices at the same time

  • 14 March 2018
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Dear Team of Soundcloud,
Dear Community,

I recently start to use the GO+ Abonnement. As I understand I could only listen at one device at the same time?
So why I could register 3 devices, if I only could listen at one? I may could understand this for streaming content, but even at offline
tracks my devices stops. If I am not logged-in this is no problem at all. I could understand that, they don’t want to have an account multiple used by different person (already limited to 3 devices), but for my case I often listen constantly over my audio system and making a short peak into a track over my pc. In this case it is extreme annoying to start the stream again.

Is there any way to change this? Or maybe be planed?
If not I will stop my GO+ Abonnement, "Offline-Music" don’t make sense for me.


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