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  • 28 May 2019
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I am writing today to complain. I use Soundcloud for 99% of all of my music consumption and I don’t intend to switch platforms. I have a lot of time and energy invested in your platform. However, I do have some issues.

1. I am paying for features as a Pro that I should have access to as a go+ subscriber. I have upgraded to the pro account so that I can spotlight some of my playlists and utilize the Serato integration(which is another issue. Playlists only???). I should have the option to spotlight a couple, maybe three items as a GO+ subscriber. I don’t know about everyone else but I put a significant amount of time into my playlists, I should be able to share outside of the playlist tab and the re-post feed. I have something like 60 playlist that are currently public. People bore easy. GO+ needs a spotlight.

2.The notifications are broke. and they have been for a very long time. I follow specific people so I can be notified when they load new music. This rarely happens. In order for me to ensure I am seeing newly posted music from the artists I follow, I am forced into the "Upload" playlist. Or go through each artist individually. The only notifications I get consistently are for SoundCloud rap, which I have very little interest in.

3. The feed option is a joke. I follow artists for their music. Not for their re-posts. Case in point: The Chain Smokers – great music, shit re-posts. I un-followed. The Station button for a user is way better suited for listening to the music liked and re-posted by users. For me, I would like to see some option to limit what is pushed to the feed from a particular user.

4. A lack of play counts on playlists. 8tracks can pull that off and have you seen that train wreck?

5. “fresh pressed” has been removed from the android app…this seems silly

6. The same exact "Mood playlist’" populate my home tab every time. Serious? If I didn’t open it 6 months ago, why would I now? And on that note, playlist popularity seems somewhat arbitrary. I want control of my home tab.

7. Tagged searches don’t function unless they are a “popular tag”

8. Search results seem to be arbitrary in the prioritization

9. unable to easily edit liked playlists. There needs to be a simpler way to cull a playlist. If I like a playlist with 45 songs, I might only enjoy 30 of them. I don’t want to constantly edit out fifteen songs. Spotify has been able to accomplish this.

10. I am paying last fm for data that you should have on hand. Money you could be getting from me. Why would you want me to leave your page to review data sets you collect.

All in All, I enjoy your product and your service, its those items above that leave me wishing…

3 replies

Is email notification when new songs from someone you follow not working for anyone else?

I am not lying about number 2. It doesn't work right.
Someone find me a moderator.
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Hi nateD,

Thank you for your thoughts. I've forwarded these to our product teams for review, and moved the topic to the "Ideas for SoundCloud"-subforum.