Soundcloud Logo printing

  • 7 November 2018
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Our new company Weestix based in france was created to help local djs, bands and studios to interact or connect efficiently and fastly with their customers or fans through social media like soundcloud.
With the nfc thechnology we can help local musicians and studios to connect each other on soundcloud and stay in touch.

If you can check the attached files our main products are personal nfc visit cards and stickers with an integrated nfc chip .
This nfc chip will redirect the customers on the local's soundcloud page.

on the sticker :
We respected all soundcloud’s graphical logo prerequisites.
We have a call to action text written
All redirections will only redirect to soundcloud’s site.
Weestix will clearly show that there's no affiliation or endorsements with Soundcloud

Can you check the attached files and give us a feedback about the graphical creation.

We request your permission to print nfc stickers to help Dj and local bands and studios to connect on Soundcloud. is still under construction

Many thanks for your help

Best regards

Fawaz and Patrick
Executive directors

1 reply