SoundCloud mobile apps/site feedback

  • 29 November 2017
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1) Please add more editing options in the mobile apps as at the moment there is minimal editing functionality in the SoundCloud app and Pulse. I’m sure it’s self-evident and many others have brought this up already so no need to elaborate.

2) When the main play button is pressed when visiting a profile on the mobile site, it plays the first track after Spotlight, instead of playing Spotlight as seems to be the case elsewhere like the mobile app or desktop site. I have 4 items in Spotlight (all playlists)which are completely skipped when I press play. Furthermore, the tracks that play after the track it skips to aren’t even mine. Bug or intended, it should really be playing the profile items in order as this seems the most intuitive function for the main play button on a profile and is probably what most users want it to do.

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