SoundCloud Needs to Address Critical Feature of Adding Descriptions to Tracks on Mobile App

  • 15 November 2017
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What exactly is the purpose of a help forum if the supprt team is not engaging? The following issue cannot be helped by a community but is one that SoundCloud seriously needs to address:
I am extremely disturbed that the mobile app for iOS does not show descriptions of tracks.
This is like eating dinner without silverware and is a critical issue.
Users have been begging you for over a year to add this necessary feature. Most users are on mobile now and need the same functionally that is available on desktop version.
Considering how much this impacts your business I can't see why this would go ignored; meaning why would podcasters and creators be motivated to recommend listeners to SoundCloud only to have a poor or incomplete experience?
If you are looking for growth in your company this is the WRONG way to go; which is by alienating existing users and driving new ones away.
Unless SoundCloud is planning to go out business, I implore you to so what's in the best interest of your users, potential users and if anything help your own business thrive. No one is going to upgrade if the basics are hardly met. A recipe for distaster from a fundamental business point of view.

6 replies

Agreed...thank you @Got blue...this is very well articulated. Not being able to access track info is a huge omission on the mobile app. It’s rare that I post to forums, but in this case, the feature is too important to ignore, and is a blemish to an otherwise excellent service.
UP !
Fix This ASAP please !
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Hi there,

Thank you for your suggestion. I've moved your topic to the Ideas subforum and will pass on your feedback to the relevant product team.

All the best
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Seriously, there is so much crap in Spotify mobile app more than there is on soundcloud app. I would use soundcloud app over spotify anytime.
How has this not be fixed yet!
I used to be a paying customer but as things like this are not solved I don't see SC as a service I want to pay for.
Someone might suggest that they don't have funds to repair apps because of people like me but I vote with my wallet. So many years, so much empty promises and no real communication...