soundcloud rules for plays that are eligibles

  • 17 October 2017
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hi every one, and peace to soundcloud team managers!
well as long as i' speaking here, i take my responsabilities and that should be the duty of every one here on soundcloud as well as soundcloud.

buying fake plays or buying plays that are fake is and should be banned from any streaming platforms. that very bad and people do not imagine how much they spend from buying those plays and what is the return on popularity and author rights royalties. that investment is just a fraud to artists.
how ever; promotion should be continuying and fair and right promotion that help artist to gain on populatiry and not invest too much money or ever what ever comparing to the author rights royalites values.

so do not be stupid and do not buy plays that are fake and that make you invest more that you had ever thought you will gain in return.

but that's also the contribution duty of soundcloud to help promoting and favor some promoting .
on soundcloud help views, i read that most of bought promotional services are fake and fraud; and soundcloud is trying to prevent you be aware on what you invest and loose as well.

but if we stand together we can suggest to soundcloud to apply some process of regulations that are making some guidelines rules to recognise promoters as well. and to dedicated those recognised promoters to soundcloud artists. as considering the certain some rules on fair and right and true promotion means authentic promotion .

so soundcloud should implement thus services on a platform as well as they operated to choose for monetization and gave accreditation to some aggregators for music distribution.
this is a certain lack on how promoting artist music is challenge actually, and there are no rules and no guidelines and every one is doing what ever he can find; so the kind of services like that does not exist or is not regulated to some guidelines;

how ever it's the responsability for artist to promote they music ; but there is no help for that on conventional rules;

if i take an example; when an artist or a producer or publisher is appearing on television or radio, they should have paid some very high amount of money to get promote on those devices; but for more artist and for the majority they can not afford thus kind of promotion as well.

so there is certainly in all streaming market a lack of assistancy for promoting artist and also lack of guidelines , label promoting or rules that allow some promoter to get official representation and get agreement with the streaming services platforms.

those rules should what ever exist and will take place to fight the fake plays and the bot use that are definitely very bad for investment and authentic exposure.

some other situation that is that maybe that 's not the certain promotor that might already be very few that are suggesting or applying for fake plays; but that some internaute that are listening to music are deliberatly using bot to get something in return but that' s just harming the artist. but in fact the artist might ever do not get responsible of those external fake plays while and because you do not need the account identification for getting a plays to a streaming like soundcloud.

althought the stats should appoint to remove every fake plays once it occurs. and considering a risk of stats management and certainly an accidental occuring .
so for management purpose, it's very hard for just simply forbid a way to do; than getting a guideline to improve some caracteritics of management result and getting a good return on management and most effectively on stats managemend and decision rules making.

i hope my point of view after that all is clear to give you inspiration on a fair way and certainly some way to view the situation differently.

and i hope you have understand my point of view.


1 reply

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I do agree. These fake accounts and bots are ruining SoundCloud and nothing is really changing. All other platforms are doing much better and do a better job at getting rid of fake stuff. I wish SoundCloud could do something!