SoundCloud should act like a record label

  • 27 December 2018
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Instead of charging artists to use your service and annoying listeners with ads, you should start acting like a proper record label - finding the best artists on your platform and promoting them, providing a marketplace to sell music and merch, physical media distribution, arranging and promoting gigs, tours, festivals etc.

Why can't I still sell my music on Soundcloud? Why aren't there Soundcloud Festivals around the globe??

Soundcloud's killer feature has always been the incredible variety of content here. It's the place where most new music is born and sees the light of day. You're the first "record label" in history with millions of exclusive artists. Take advantage of that instead of squandering it all away - any traditional recording label would kill to be in this position. You should be the biggest record label on the planet by now (in terms of both number of artists and sales).

And yes, I am available for hire for your CEO spot. 🙂

1 reply

I don't agree with your suggestion. What I value most about Soundcloud is that it provides a platform for listeners to connect directly with the creators. It is because individuals are able to easily upload and share their own music, as well as music they enjoy, with others, that Soundcloud has such a variety of content. I believe that if Soundcloud was to pivot towards a more of a 'record-label', the community aspect would be discarded.

I don't mind the idea of Soundcloud selling music on the platform. But I feel that even before it branches out into planning festivals/concerts or providing a marketplace for selling merch (both of which seem quite far-fetched in Soundcloud's current state), it should improve the User Experience on the platform first. There are many complaints about the User Experience, such as the Search Engine being inadequate, the difficulty of determining when an artist uploads a new song, or not being notified when a song from your collection is removed from the platform, that should be addressed first.

I don't think it is a fair complaint when you criticize the ads on the platform, when what you suggest instead will destroy the core of what makes Soundcloud such a unique and vibrant platform, with the variety of content it hosts. I think listening to ads is a small price to pay for using Soundcloud, in the hope that it continues to improve the platform as a whole. But I'm not sure how artists view Soundcloud, do they think the amount they pay per month to upload their music is reasonable, or are they dissatisfied?