SoundCloud Video/Social Media Compatibility

Hi SC,

I could very well be missing something on the platform as I may have not done enough digging into the site, but has your CTO or have any of your developers considered adding a video component to your site? I feel like SoundCloud and its users could really benefit from it as music has evolved into more of a visual medium, i.e developing a tool where musicians can create simple music videos or even just distribute their own on their SC pages.

The other question I had was whether or not you are making song links more compatible to social media, providing the ability to stream directly on their feed's? I want to release a single via SoundCloud so that my audience can just click and listen on say FB or Twitter without going directly to the site. Seeing as SoundCloud is mainly a community for musicians and not the general public, musician's audiences are more reluctant to click out and visit the actual site and would most likely prefer to listen within their social media feeds.

Appreciate your consideration on these suggestions.


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