Soundcloud Xbox One App

  • 8 August 2019
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I am here to talk about the many issues resulting the Xbox One version of soundcloud

App will crash frequently.
App will crash and leave the block showing the last song played but there is no way of removing the block unless you restart you're console.
App Equalizer will not work for some strange reason at certain times and can only be fixed by restarting console.

In conclusion these problems are making the app very frustrating especially sense at first there were only just multiple crashes but two new problems came out of know where this past week and the app hasn't even been updated recently for them to even be here. There was another post about these issues a year ago i'd like them to be fixed since these isssus have been around since the app launched.

And if possible i'd like there to be a loop button and the power to add playlists on the xbox soundcloud app and not my phone.

They have been around to long i hope there fixed the xbox reviews for soundcloud are very low do to these problems

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