Spam Bots, why hasn't this been fixed already?

  • 15 December 2018
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Four and a half years later still to this day spam bots are still an issue. Why aren't the SoundCloud team fixing this? Why should I be paying for SoundCloud Pro when it's obvious that they don't care about fixing this issue?

3 replies

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It was MUCH worse a couple of years ago, but yeah, could be much better.
I'm a new user of this service and am just posting my guitar lessons. Everytime I think someone likes what I've done this rubbish keeps coming up. All these spam accounts have the same image, can't some image recognition software get rid of these accounts? You really expect me to pay for this?

Same here. I'm about to reach the upload limits of my free account, and I was considering paying for a pro account, but for that I would need this problem to be solved, AND I would like to see an actual customer service that you can contact. As it is, it often looks like Soundcloud just doesn't want to hear from its users, let alone solve their problems, so I'm looking out for alternatives for when I reach my upload limits here. Not paying for a company that doesn't listen to its users.