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  • 21 May 2017
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Hi guys,

I was thinking of switching to Soundcloud Go but I'm not sure if the streaming quality rises from 128kbps to anthing higher with Soundloud Go. I know the regular one (which I'm on) is 128kbps, and so am wondering if they've bothered to raise the streaming quality for the amount they're charging.

Much as I like Soundcloud it makes no sense to pay for low bitrates. Any help on the current bit rates for Soundcloud Go will be appreciated.

Thank you!

2 replies

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Hi SC Community and support,

I'd like to say that SC teams are doing a great job I really like SC, the last tunes are often here, new artist, etc. I'm always the one in my group of friend making others discover new songs so thank you SC !

The thing is, i'm also a basshead and let's say some king off bassy "audiophile" so just like chipmonkey101, audio quality matters a lot.

And when, I paid for SoundCloud GO+ expecting better music quality, I find out that there is no perceptible difference.

Artists are doing a great job mixing and mastering songs with their team, let's pay them a tribute, honor and respect their work with better audio quality.

It always go back to money, so yes I'm ok to pay up to €19/month for lossless (FLAC) or high quality ( CD quality minimum )streaming since now most of the people have good internet connexion for streaming purpose.
Totally agree with you! I would say this is a business opportunity for Soundcloud to add a new proposition. I will absolutely pay more than Spotify to listen in 320 or even in high-res audio.