Suggestion: Blocked user's post will not appear/user's reposts from them won't appear

  • 23 November 2017
  • 1 reply

I dont really know the details of Souncloud's blocking ability, but i realized that even when i do have someone blocked, the posts still appear on my feed when someone reposts it. I'd really love to not see their post EVER even if it is reposted, because often times when i do block someone i'd prefer to never see anything from them ever again, so its kind frusterating to still see them on my feed afterwards.

1 reply

Actually I discovered that I can block someone only after Morry topic, it is quite useful feature, but it seems that it needs some improvement. I totally agree with Morry, but it would be also great to make possibility not to hear denoted tagged music. I mean, for example I don't like trap music at all, so I would like not to listen any #trap tagged tracks.
thanks in advance!! sorry if I wound someone with trap