Suggestion: Undo changes to profile

  • 8 November 2017
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People make mistakes. Sometimes a user will delete/un-like an uploaded song or playlist on accident, and as of right now, there's no easy way to get those items back. Considering that a company announcement had to be made about how deleted songs couldn't be recovered, this seems like a common problem.

To fix this, why not make changes to one's profile (changes to likes, uploads, playlists, etc...) have a 24 hour pending time. To the users, this wouldn't change existing site/mobile mechanics unless they wanted to undo an action. Let's say I accidentally un-like/delete a song from a playlist. Under normal circumstances, you can't really do anything and have to try to find it again. With this system however, users could look at all changes to their profile's collections in the last 24 hours and "undo" the changes that they wanted.

Considering that administrators have often had to restore deleted items (or explain that they can't restore items), this would take a load off of the help team. This could also simplify bot detection. If a profile tries to get attention by rapidly liking/unliking a song or playlist, the change wouldn't be registered since a full 24 hours without a status change to the song/playlist would be needed for the change to be pushed. Content creators and the few users who might've followed the bot won't be bothered with notifications, and if it wasn't a bot, the user can just keep doing what they're doing without bothering anyone else. It's a win win for everyone.

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