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Hello there!

As an avid SoundCloud user, I must say it's the music app I use the most. With a clean interface and intuitive menus, it really makes for a great user experience, especially when you use it multiple times each one of the seven days of every week.

Recently, though, I've found one major issue with it: it doesn't have Android Auto support. While other music apps, like Spotify, integrate perfectly with my car's display, my favorite music app (SoundCloud) doesn't. I don't know why this is, and even by reading other posts about the matter I haven't been convinced by any singlr awnser.

Now, I am aware most of the SoundCloud userbase (myself included) don't pay for the great service the company provides - I know beggars can't be choosers. The guys and girls at SoundCloud must get some kind of pay for the great work they do, obviously. I, for one, would be more than happy to subscribe to SoundCloud Pro if it included Android Auto support!

To truly contribute and not just ask for a feature like a kid who wants candy for free, I bring you this site: If you take a look at it, it seems the guy, Jeffrey Humble, has got the interface all figured out, as well as different controls and features for the app. Also, from what I understood from it, it appears the SoundCloud app, given its architecture, should work with Android Auto without major changes to its code (please feel free to correct if I'm wrong, as I don't have any formal knowledge on the matter to support this claim).

So, I wanted the open the discussion about this matter after seeing all the posts that talked about Android Auto support go away semi-unnoticed. I hope some of you read this and contribute with your own ideas, with hopes of getting this to the people at SoundCloud so they can give us a solution to this problem or, if not possible, an awnser.

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Absolutely! I would gladly pay for it... Why oh why isn't this implemented yet?
It's honestly the main reason I'm not on premium. I do most of my casual listening while driving. I'm always using a certain competitor at the moment. If we had android auto support I would probably use soundcloud more overall, not just in the car. I'm not gonna pay a monthly fee for something that doesn't have what I consider baseline features.
+1! Why is it so complicated to make this app compatible with Android Auto ?
I am currently paying the monthly subscription fee. Soundcloud deserves it and needs it.....but I "need" Android Auto support....I'm currently using "AnyAutoAudio" just to at least have control of play/pause, prev/next while listening to Soundcloud. It's bare minimum, but it's third party software. I don't have my hopes up, but I'm another person who desperately wants this.
I would gladly pay for Soundcloud Premium if it would intrigrate with Android Auto but until it does I'm getting my house music fix through the Tunein app which does intrigrate with Android Auto.
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I highly suggest actually dropping your subscriptions for SoundCloud until they add support for Android Auto. Seems like it's not very high on their priority list, despite users from both Apple and Android side screaming for Auto integration. They don't want to listen to what their customers want, then their customers should get their music elsewhere. I can think of at least one competitor that has a great app for the car that works without having to pull teeth and beg for a feature for years.
I'd pay for it too but honestly this shouldn't be needed. They already have an app for iOS and Android it really can't be that much harder to add auto integration. But I guess since it makes them no money they could care less.