The posibility to mark/tag a user that posts a sound that I skip

  • 13 March 2018
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Hi! I follow a few accounts, both original artists and reposters, and every once in a while some of them change their style of music to something that I don't want to listen to. It can be hard to keep track of those changes since they might only pop up once every other month or so in the feed. If there was a posibility to dislike a sound and have the personal dislike number displayed, mark the account with a custom tag like or even if soundcloud automatically counted a ratio between a completed listening of a sound and a skipped sound and gave me as a user an indication that I might want to unfollow that account, that'd be great. I'm not sure I'm perfectly clear on what I'm asking for but I think you get the problem I'm describing. It's hard for me to remember that this one account that I skipped last month is again posting something that I don't like. Feel free to engage in discussion on how a technical solution to this problem might look.

0 replies

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