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  • 14 October 2018
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I've been a member for... oh, I dunno... 8 years? Something like that. Long enough to remember when this site was, if not king, then certainly a prince of the realm. I also was around for the slow decline. Now, I am running out of reasons to put up with the crap that is beginning to pollute this site. Ads? Don't really mind them. Everyone's got a right to make a dollar, or a Euro, or whatever. But what really gets me is the spam.

How many here have uploaded a new song, only to come back and find out you've got 3, 4, 5, 8, new followers in a matter of minutes.. actually, in LESS TIME THAN IT TAKES TO ACTUALLY PLAY THROUGH YOUR TUNE TO THE END!... only to discover when you revue those followers that ALL OF THEM are bots, deployed by vendors who want to sell you access to their followers?

There are websites for that kind of crap. The very same kind of crap, incidentally, that killed as a premiere site for pro bands and creators. It got so bad on that site that the only people there now are newbies and wannabes, and some folks who just need a freeplace to showcase songs online to feed to other sites (like me). Just about the only fans you get anymore on reverbnation are other USERS of reverbnation.

Once a user gets even a little experience in this environment, they discover that they hate spam, and they especially hate bots. It's so bad here now that the bots actually tell you honestly that what they are selling are SOUNDCLOUD MEMBER FOLLOWS... Really? That means that SOundcloud, in allowing this crap to flood the site, are ADMITTING that their business model includes NOTHING to help users secure OUTSIDE fans... the kind you get if you have a video go viral on youtube, or on Spotify, for example.

In other words, REAL FANS. Almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of my followers is another SOUNDCLOUD user. And almost NONE of those is just a pure fan. I like that other musicians appreciate my work, but the reason I post ANYWHERE online is to get my music in fornt of plain, ordinary music fans.

I'm tired of blocking bots, SoundCloud. I'm tired of spam. I'm tired of feeling like any money I might spend here serves only one purpose, and that's to let some cats in Germany drive nicer cars and live in bigger homes. As of right now, you will NEVER see my credit card number registered on this site.

Does anyone get the idea that it might be a positive move to fix this crap... quickly?

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