Too many reposts

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My "Stream" is effectively unusable because it is completely overwhelmed by reposts.

I would like to use my Stream to see new pieces from the composers I follow. I understand that reposts are useful to meet new composers. However, when the Stream becomes mostly reposts (which is what my own Stream looks like right now), then I can no longer follow anyone that I choose to follow. It is not usable.

It seems necessary to limit, to some maximum number, how many reposts get to a user's Stream each day. In my Stream, I would like to have no more than 5 reposts per day. That would allow me to find the original posts that I want. Also, I can't possibly find the time to listen to more than 5 reposted pieces each day. (Who can?!)

Can soundcloud go ahead and establish a maximum of daily reposts in my stream (and anyone else's stream)?

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agreed, ive basically stopped listening to soundcloud because of this
Well, maybe they could make a feature that there is only one repost of each track possible in your stream. So if two people you follow repost the same track, that only one repost would be shown in your stream. As second, maybe they can do that you can choose how many different repost you would like to see.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. I currently don't have any update whether SoundCloud is considering to implement this one way or another, but there might be workarounds by 3rd party developers to achieve what you have in mind. 😉