Turn off continuous play

  • 29 January 2018
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Tinnitus sufferers set up a play list that masks the sounds in their ears and helps them to fall asleep.
Imagine the frustration of actually falling asleep only to be woken by a crash of symbols at the start of a random track chosen by continuous play.
I will be ending my new subscription because I cannot disable continuous play - it's unbelievably annoying!

15 replies

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It's been brought up countless times. I don't think they'll listen. Increasing plays is enough reason for Soundcloud to aggravate users, free or paying. They'll say that it's about helping users discover new music but of course that's a lie. Virtually everybody finds it annoying. There are tinnitus maskers on Youtube, btw. I'm ready to leave, and I wish that more people would consider that to put some real pressure on Soundcloud. No users = No plays.
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Thanks for your reply. You should leave. I have and happy to find YouTube playlists that mask tinnitus. The only problem there is break-in ads. I guess the moral of the story is that you have to load up your own music in your own playlists on the native player. Thanks again Tomi.
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At least on the web, I do this:
1) Start playing the track or playlist
2) Press "Next Up"
3) If I only want to play one track, I press "Clear"
4) Press the "Autoplay station" switch to turn it off (from right/orange to left/grey)
SoundCloud will stop at the end of that track or playlist.

Just adding my voice to this thread as a vote for the ability to disable Continuous play, especially in the app.
Crippling user experience my restricting users choices without very good reason is always a poor decision.
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Absolutely sucks. I literally just signed up and will be deleting immediately if I can't find a solution that I don't have to use every single time I play a track. I'll just go back to Reverb Nation.
I played a track tagged #cinematic #filmscore #orchestral, listed under classical. It was followed by a crappy profanity laced hiphop track. "Based on what's playing now"? They are surely joking.

There's no way to disable this. Even if you flip the switch, it doesn't work.

By the way, I have nothing against hiphop. I'm an engineer who mixes hiphop for a living.

Sad Soundcloud... Sad.
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WHY EVEN HAVE A DISABLE SWITCH IF IT DOESN'T BLOODY WORK!!!?!?!?!?!? This is honestly the bane of my existence. WHY WON'T SOUNDCLOUD LISTEN?!! This is hands down the worst and most annoying feature of ANY site I've used for music ever....
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Turning off "Auto-play station", as suggested above, only turns it off for the current session. There doesn't seem to be any way to turn it off permanently. SoundCloud sucks.
How absurd and stupid is this feature? I’m considering erase my account and songs just because of this.
F U SoundCloud!
Auto - play is Indeed absurd, one thing is a suggestion where you can choose to hear it or not but it seems to me the auto-play option is used just to inflate their listeners numbers, it really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The more people who make a stink about this, the better. There are more than enough reasons to make autoplay optional, may as well say so.
Fortunately there is a way to disable this. Just stop using Soundcloud!
This is so annoying. I have created a playlist for working and I prefer to shuffle it. But then it mixes in songs from other playlists. Drives me crazy, when I am 100% focus mode and suddenly some Wiz Khalifa weed song starts to play.
I agree, this experience totally sucks. You turn the switch off again and again and again and forget about it the next time. I understand the reason they do it, they promote the tracks. But the promotion should be like paid posts in the stream, not autoplayed traclks. If I want autoplay, I'll turn of "station" manually. Mixcloud does this thing too but not all the time and it's not SO PISSING.
This is basically click bate but you do not click. I bet half of the views on sound cloud are because of auto play.