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  • 15 January 2018
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A while back there was an auto tweet function where if I ever performed an activity on my account like upload or liked a song it would automatically make a tweet with a custom blurb and provide a link to the song. I did this very frequently to support artists and help get them publicity while also building up my own social space but now this feature is gone. Is it possible for this feature's return to be some time soon?

5 replies

same here, there is some way to recover that?
Interesting as I just realised the same. But to add to the mystery my account has posted about one link per month to my twitter despite me favouriting and using soundcloud as usual. This would mean that there is a functionality issue? Also I cant find the place where you link the two in Soundcloud anymore so the feature could have indeed been removed. If so I am concerned as this was a completely necessary feature with regards to providing good exposure for artists and linking back to their sound on Soundcloud. I hope that this has not been removed...will have to email in and hope to get a response last few times sadly not had any answer. I've been on here as long as I can remember and since the start refusing to use any other platform for good reason which I hope remains.
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Hi there,

Unfortunately, this feature has been deprecated a while back and no longer exists. It might be possible for you to get a similar automation set up with a third party integration of IFTTT though.

Any insight as to why this was deprecated? It worked perfectly, and now Soundcloud has one fewer feature. What's it take to bring it back?
IFTTT is TERRIBLE. Just bring back your simple and easy integration feature.