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  • 15 February 2019
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Hi soundcloud community i currently do make music and have a following which increases each day. But the issue is somebody has a desired URL which i would like. my URL is ''/achrylo'' however with an increasing following i find it difficult with the URL as if people want to find my artist page they have to put in something else which isnt my artist name which is ''Chrylo''. now i am being a tad selfish i have messaged this ''.com/chrylo'' account but that account seems to be inactive for a while now. I know i cannot have this URL as its not entirely impersonation or on any legal terms.

I would like my URL to change from '''' to '''' if this is achievable and id be highly appreciated.

In the interest i think it would be nice to submit tickets to soundcloud regarding topics like this under inactive accounts.

2 replies

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Hi there,

Hmm, it looks like the account is still active, they might just not have seen your message 😕 Unfortunately, there is nothing else SoundCloud can do in such cases. Maybe try messaging them again?
Ill give them a message reminding them from a year ago, its a shame nothing can be done about this 😕