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  • 23 November 2017
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To whom it may concern or interest, I feel it would be very useful to add a "skip to bottom" feature. As most if not every playlist adds/loads from the top down. Playlists can be created up to 500 tracks, and I feel it would really benefit me if a "jump to bottom" button or feature could be added. I use Sound-cloud on my PC, and my phone as my primary source of music. As my music playlist has progressed and my music taste evolves, I want to keep my favorites on my playlist, while at the same time getting to the bottom of my list to listen to the newer whims that I fancy. As of now the only way I know of to get to the bottom of your "lit" montage is to scroll all the way to the bottom. This makes it very tedious for someone with a slow internet connection or an unfortunately slow/old computer or phone to get to the juiciest part of their playlist. I believe I and another, larger part of your user base could benefit from the addition of this feature.

Thank you.

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