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  • 12 April 2018
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Dear Soundlcoud,
This message is not a pledge for help, but rather an advice. Im seriously concerned about your growth as a multi-national company and do not recognize any possible limitations which would harm your development. Currently, I am a student of a business-related university and im doing my bacherlors at Business Administration. My recent CW on disruptive technologies and corporate strategy has inclined me towards think about yout position in Central Asia. As a citizen of Uzbekistan I clearly see that Soundlcoud is highly underdeveloped and has a relatively low awareness in my city, to say nothing of a country.
The Statement of the Problem is as follows. There is a relatively low amount of users in Tashkent given the face that there are at least tow djs who use FruityLoops, Dj programs and other similar apps in each school\college\uni. The fact occurs interestingly in the enviornment as all of these, doubtless, dream about being popular but they are unaware of how to undergo this challenge as the music industry is not developed much in uzbekistan. These musician try promoting their music through Instagram primarily, also youtube and local sites such as Zvukoff (semi-local), Muzone (semi-local), (local), but as these are narrowly used by payable population mostly or the "millenials looking for fun" does no provide a clear platform for these DJs to promote their music nationally.
Also, this pool of EDM (mostly) musicians attempt promoting their music via soundcloud and other similar apps. i have myself (as a composer\guitaris) tried doing so through Spotify, Apple, SC but was unsuccessful. Now I relaize that SC is proprtionately an outlet of music, not a place to promote it as it lacks social networking through the app.
I again repeat that SC is not popualr in Uzbekistan and that's why it proves "useless" to DJs and soundmakers of Uzbekistan.
What is my proposition and what it's backed up with?
DJs need a platform to promote their music, a place where they could compete, rank natioanlly, maybe have some contests and so on. This would promote music industry as a whole and benegit the national creativity. As our professional musicians and students of national msuci and arts colleges, by my obersvations, are discouraged to create as the national preference of production is aimed at plagiarising and copying. A lot of songs of "popular" singers are based on plagiarised european content. In a nutshell, the whole music life in the country is in the stage of decline if you put it on an industry life cycle graph. I has experienced growth in 60-80, maturity up to 2000s and is declining more and more. Strong lovers of uzbek natioanl music are long in their 60s and will probably extinct at all. The growing generation loves euroopean and american music.
Given this mediocre SWOT analysis, I suggest Soundcloud to think about how it could develop its company on a national level among Central Asian users and deliver a platform that would substitute radio,, Apple and Telegram (chat application which is largely used for listeninig to music)

Hope this letter has been valuable.
Address me by +998909749086, facebook: Kon (Shakhriyor) Azimov, mail:

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