We need option to Turn OFF Reposts in stream immidately! Stream sorting!!

I am following over 200 artists and 90% of my stream is filled with repost. Which makes it very hard to find the music I am actually interested in. I miss new releases from artists due to lack of this feature all the time. It's disastrous.

I understand that some artists repost to support other artist, but there has to be an option where you can go to artist page and unfollow his reposts or something along those lines. Or a Repost ON/OFF toggle in stream. Just sorting stream using genre or track lenght would already be a huge improvement to SoundCloud as a music platform.

I mean how hard it is to implement such features? I'm obviously not the only one who thought of such features. I'm sure that even SoundCloud team discussed these features. What stopped them from implementing them? Maybe there will be less track discovery if repost toggle gets implemented? What is the reason that these features still do not exist? I need explanations!

And also, browser plugins are not the answer, because most of them have bugs or don't work.

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