We need to be able to hide repost on the stream

  • 3 June 2018
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Hi there,
I follow 339 artists now and my stream is poluted by si much repost that I miss a lot posted song. It's not that I don't like repost but sometime I think like I'm folowing too much artist and I can't listen every post and reposted song each day. I don't think you made it on purpose but if I could hide respost (on my stream) I will be able to listen all the post then some of the repost. Because by missing posted songs of artist I follow, I'm loosing the main goal of soundcloud which is to be aware of new songs posted by artists we like.

1 reply

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Oh look SoundColud! Someone has been suggesting we should be able to filter out reposts or have some way to easily see only the tracks the people we follow have uploaded. This particular suggestion was originally posted at least 1 year ago.