Why can't I remain ad free as an artist?

  • 25 December 2018
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When I first started my account and posted my first song or set, people didn't get ads when listening to my music. I'm growing at a steady rate and now that my clicks have gone up and I am eligible for monetizing, Soundcloud has decided to just put ads on my content whether I opt to monetize or not.

I do not want to monetize and I don't want people to experience ads on my content. It seems to me as though Soundcloud did not fully anticipate that an artist wouldn't want to monetize. I get the sense that they made the assumption that people will monetize as soon as they are able. I personally believe monetizing (or rather, running ads) at such an early point is not good for growth. I need to find out how to stop Soundcloud from running ads without my permission until I decide I want to monetize (if I even do decide).

In conclusion, Soundcloud needs to give me the option to run ads or not and that option should be synonymous with the monetizing feature. If monetizing is off- my songs shouldn't have ads. Why is that so hard for Soundcloud to understand?

A couple of things to note -

* I pay for a pro plan (Soundcloud already gets money from me).
* They are earning money from me via my audience without my permission.
* I will not monetize.

2 replies

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Soundcoud's business model is completely bonkers. First they charge you, the artist, for creating content that creates value for them and then they play ads to the users. It's like if Spotify charged all the record labels for uploading music to their service and then also played ads to the listeners.
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At the very least, they shouldn't monetize artists that are Pro or Unlimited subscribers, although that's still messed up.