Why cant you just fix that follower count problem.

  • 22 February 2019
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It cannot be that hard to fix a problem like that. I will have to use youtube if you are not capable of making it work.
Here is my profile.

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Hi Pedersen,

I can relate to your frustration. I've triggered for them to be recalculated. Hope this sorts things out for you within the coming days.

This has been an issue for quite a long time now, the bug is documented and confirmed by our engineering teams, and is being investigated. Unfortunately, fixing it is not as easy as we would hope, which is why it is taking so long to gather the resources necessary to get this sorted not just for individual users only, but get the root cause out of the way essentially. I really hope we can update the community about this soon, however at this point cannot promise anything. Not the response you were hoping to hear probably, I also understand that.

All the best to you,