Why is my 3 soundcloud account frozen/gone

  • 6 August 2019
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Went on all 3 of my 🎶soundclouds accounts.the first account has 49 💽track on it the name on that is (direct beats entertainment chapter 1
Same with this one ..same name just Chapter 2 at the end .had 12 💽tracks on that account 3rd account was a repost that I’m ok with loosing if I have too use all pages to check on mail that I reply to on all accounts ..I wrote a couple of people and singed of first second and third as I do .
I go back to my first account as a had a like on it . And it booted me off🤔 said it was frozen..?🤭 . I tried to sign back on” and it wouldn’t let me in😯 . I tried all of my accounts and it didn’t let me in😑 .
I searched🕵🏻‍♂️ my self and all accounts have disappeared 😱as if I never existed on soundcloud 🚨😵. I left a ticket 🤳🏻explaining this as will some what🤷🏻‍♂️ ...

but know one has gotten back to me .. I’m not really sure how long this frozen🥶 thing will be on for ?
My url on chapter 2 is this↙️


Url for chapter 1 is this ⤵️
this is my you tube banner ..☝🏼but it’s on my two accounts on SoundCloud as will 👍🏼
if you can please help me out ..
or at lest let me know what iv done wrong so I can fix this with you guys 🙏🏼That would be a life saver . And I’m not talking about the candy 😋

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