You Guys Should Please Fix This

  • 29 November 2017
  • 1 reply

So I followed new people and got banned. I know you guys try to prevent spam, but when people do it to get there new account noticed it should be fine. Following new people shouldn't be a problem because those people who follow you back choose to. Now what Instagram dose is when people start following a certain amount of people to get there account popular, they automatically unfollow the users from the exceeded amount. They do that for the next minute or two, then you can start following users again. Once again it's not spam. The users are choosing to follow you back because they like what they see or hear. ALL IT IS, is giving the community to see you account. Not all of us can just go pay for sound cloud promotion or advertising. Please don't banned your users for reaching out to each other within the community, no consequence needed for that.

1 reply

First and foremost, focus on improving your music instead of the follow/unfollow stuff, followers will come naturally w increase in quality and content on your account. Would you rather 1: have less than decent music and many followers or 2: great music and fewer followers (eventually more)?