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So I'm wondering if there's going to ever be in add to queue or play next feature because it's kind of annoying to find a song that you want to listen to next, but end up forgetting that song as your app goes right back to home every single time I close it. So if I'm hitting a gold mine of new sets I can't set my phone down or let my phone go to sleep.

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SoundCloud Forum Support wrote:

We appreciate your desire to improve SoundCloud. To make sure we're well informed of the popularity of feature requests, we compile all requests through our 🆒contact form. This way we know they're all coming in to the same place and no request slips through the cracks. Make sure to chose 'Feature Request' from the drop down subject menu and leave us a quick note that you're coming from the help forum. From here, top requests are communicated to the relevant product teams.

If you have a great idea you’d like to share, please do not use the Help forum, which focuses on support and troubleshooting, and rather use the contact form.

Thank you.

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Hi Nevin,

Please see Chris' comment about feature requests for future reference. Apart from that, both of the things you mentioned (add to queue, and for the app to remember where you left off) have been forwarded to our engineers for review.

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It has been a year and iOS is still the only platform to not have this feature...can we expect it in the future or is there some reason the developers can’t implement it?
Yeah I can’t see how this hasn’t been implemented yet. Your whole platform would improve. In addition, make a desktop app that works (also extremely easy)
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How is this STILL not implemented? This is not a hard thing to add. This is why SoundCloud is worse than other platforms; the dev team just doesn’t seem to care about the platform at all.
I agree, this is like so fundamental and basic. I prefer using spotify simply because I can set up playlists basically on the fly with their add to next feature. Soundcloud should definitely add this.