Ads on Pro Account - Why?

  • 16 October 2019
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Had no ads anytime I was on soundclound until yesterday, and now they come every 1 or 2 songs. can’t skip them, and adblock seems not to block them - why am I getting ads all of a sudden? Other relevant posts say there would be an opt-out from ads system. As a paying customer for Pro who uploads frequently and listens just as often, I shouldn’t have these ads. This is pathetic and ridiculous. 


Best answer by Xenone 27 October 2019, 18:46

Got damn, you still havent gotten an answer yet


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3 replies

Got damn, you still havent gotten an answer yet


+1 this one.

Opt-out should be possible for Pro accounts. I don’t understand that why a Pro account user has to pay to hear ads?  Hello, SC sales team, care to explain that?

But I think they don’t give a damn. They want to go after big artists/labels so they are working hard on their ads/monetization efforts and probably compete directly with Spotify? The problem is though that Spotify already has all the users, so I don’t really get it what’s the leverage. In the process, they ditch their real userbase, which is made of small producers, and then they go bankrupt after they run out of their funding money. End of story.

But dear SC team, please fix this for us somehow….

pressed that this had been answered by accident - soundcloud IT, y'all got shit to say or nah? help out a paying customer